Official Indefinite Hiatus

Hey all, Orangeplumbob here. I’ve been trying to figure out what blogs I am really in to and what ones I want to put on hold. I have decided to put Crazies on an indefinite hold. I have two other ISBI’s – Heart of Insanity and Misunderstood Villains. (Granted I need to play HOI and MV.) I am more dedicated to some other projects and this is on the bottom of my list to work on. I may do a chapter eventually, but for right now I am putting this on hold. Sorry all – OPB Out.


Creepy Love


Audio: Yup, that’s right. I’m back to stalking this joint!

And GUESS WHAT! I’m back too! LoL. Sorry for the long delay, just been busy with Different Rain. Well lets get down to it. . .

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Papa was a Rolling Stone


Well I am back! Woot. And so is Cranberry. Winking smile This chapter could also be titled, “Cranberry vs. Brook” Seriously, lots of drama with the new baby and Cranberry, but we’ll get to that later. But first, why is Cranberry sitting on the sofa?

Cran: Cause I moved in!

Yup, he moved in to be my sex slave.

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Field Trip


Blackberry: That’s the funniest thing I ever heard!

Bliss: O000-kay. What’s he on?

He’s not on anything, he’s just insane. And welcome back! Sorry for the delay, If you didn’t read my Boolprop messages I had a few. One, I took time to write a couple of other blogs, and Two, this game kinda got glitchy. But enough about my problems, we’re here because of Bliss’ problems. Winking smile 

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Men and a Baby


Bliss: Oh sims and plumbobs, I don’t feel so good.

Hehe. Hey its Monday! You all know what that means –

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A Berry Love Affair



Okay, what now Bliss?


I did, didn’t I?

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Run For Your Lives!


Ahhh Meadow Glen, a peaceful town. With such a lovely –

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